Hi! 👀 I’m  Maciek Marć × . In my practice I like to focus on type-based solutions to transform projects into easily understandable, honest and 💥 fun work. I’m full-time designer at 📏   Metric  and in my spare time I’m working on way too many typefaces and personal projects at once. You can find me on  • Instagram   • Are.na  or  • LinkedIn . Sometimes I have 🌀   Thoughts  as well.


Most of the works here are a W.I.P. so please treat them as such. Typefaces for example still have a lot of quirks, and not a lot of kerning. I will try to update my projects as often as possible, so if you’re interested in seeing the progress of them — remember to check my site from time to time.

I’m always open to new projects and opportunities. Feel free to contact me for CV or commercial portfolio. Drop me a PM on social media, or send me an e-mail — whatever is more convenient for you.


Bespoke typefaces
Brand design
Web design
Motion design

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